Steel Erectors Insurance steel erectors

Steel Erectors Insurance

Steel erectors insurance with public liability cover.

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As part of our steel erectors insurance package, you will receive public liability cover as standard. This protects you if customers, members of the public, or suppliers sustain personal injury or property damage due to your business activities. Such situations could see you taken to court and forced to pay huge fees to defend yourself. However, get public liability insurance and your insurer will take care of any legal expenses and compensation claims arising from on-the-job accidents on your behalf.

Our standard cover is up to £5 million for public liability, as is our product liability cover. This will safeguard your business if a product you’ve supplied, installed, or sold causes personal injury or property damage. 

To ensure you receive the best possible cover for the most affordable price, you’ll find everything you may possibly need in your policy, including: 


  • Public & Products Liability up to £5 million
  • Employers Liability at £10 million
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance which provides cover for 
    • Contract Works
    • Owned Plant
    • Hired-in Plant
    • Employees’ Tools
  • Essential Legal Expenses at £100,000
Steel Erectors Insurance steel erectors

What is steel erectors insurance?

Working as a steel erector is a challenging occupation that often involves working from dangerous heights. Steel erectors insurance protects you from the dangers of this high-risk profession. Aimed specifically at steel erectors, our coverage shields you from any compensation costs or legal fees incurred due to your work. With Tradesman Saver’s steel erectors insurance, you can get on with your job safe in the knowledge that your business is financially protected under all circumstances.

Why do you need steel erectors insurance?

Running a steel erection company is certainly a bankable business venture, but you can’t escape the fact it comes with certain dangers. For instance, you could fail to secure a piece of decking that is suddenly blown off the construction site, damaging a nearby vehicle and leading to a considerable compensation claim. Or, you could hurt yourself—just one misstep or slip and you risk falling from a great height and causing serious injury, potentially limiting your ability to work. Our steel erectors insurance policy ensures the resulting costs of these scenarios are handled by us, not you. Simply customise your policy using our online quote form, and get the insurance you need today. 

Steel Erectors Insurance steel erectors

How our steel erectors insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much is steel erectors insurance?

The final cost of your steel erectors insurance policy depends on factors like how many employees you have, how experienced you are and your claims history, as well as which covers you choose and how many. 

What level of steel erection cover do I need?

The amount of cover you require hinges on things like how high-risk your business is, its size, and client requirements. For example, some prospective clients will stipulate that you have a certain level of cover before agreeing to do business with you.

Do steel erectors need insurance?

Considering your job entails working from height, plus being around members of the public, the potential for accidents is high. From dropping steel onto somebody to falling from scaffolding, there are numerous situations that could land you in hot water. Without insurance in place, your business could be hamstrung by costly compensation claims or legal fees. This is why a tailor-made steel erectors insurance package, including public liability insurance, is critical moving forward.

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