road repair work on asphalt

Road Repair Contractors Insurance

Public liability insurance for road repair contractors.

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Road repair contractors like yourself encounter various hazards in your line of work, but so do the people around you. For instance, you could accidentally hit someone in the face with a piece of debris while sweeping it away. Or you could unintentionally scratch somebody’s car with one of your tools. In these scenarios, you may face a hefty compensation claim that leaves your business struggling financially. This is where a public liability insurance policy comes into play, with your insurer footing the bill for such claims so you don’t need to worry.

Most insurers offer between £1 million and £10 million worth of public liability insurance cover.

road repair work on asphalt

What is road repair contractors insurance?

Considering the number of dangers you face in your job every day, a comprehensive road repair contractors insurance policy will be the lifeline you need in case of an accident. Geared towards your profession, it will keep you from financial ruin if you ever face compensation claims or legal fees due to your work. Overall, road repair contractors insurance gives you the peace of mind required to do the best job possible.

Many insurance providers don’t consider the specific risks faced by road repair contractors, which is why a generic insurance policy isn’t good enough. In fact, plenty don’t cover your profession at all considering how dangerous it can be. Our partner Brisco Business Insurance can help you secure the policy you need with their comparison tool, ensuring you will find cover that meets your unique requirements.

How our road repair contractors insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much road repair contractors insurance do I need?

How much cover you require depends on things like how big your contracts are, how expensive your equipment is and how risky your work is.

What does road repair contractors insurance cost?

The cost of road repair contractors insurance is impacted by factors like how much cover you require, your claims history, and how big your business is. 

How do I make a claim on my road repair contractors insurance policy?

You must first get in touch with your insurer to receive a claim form. When filling it out, check that you’re within the time limits for making a claim, that you’re covered for what you’re claiming for, and that your excess makes the particular claim worth it. Your insurer will then assess the form to see if your claim is valid or not.

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