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Lift engineers insurance with public liability cover

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All lift engineers insurance should include public liability cover, as it will safeguard you in the event that your work damages somebody’s property, or injure them. For example, you could accidentally smash a window while installing a lift, or you could neglect to pack away your tools, causing somebody to trip over them. In such scenarios, the aggrieved party may have grounds to file a compensation claim against you, which could hit your business hard financially. But by having a lift engineers insurance policy, all costs are covered by your insurance provider, letting you run your business as normal.

To ensure you receive the best possible cover for the most affordable price, you’ll find everything you may possibly need in your policy, including:


  • Public & Products Liability up to £5 million
  • Employers Liability at £10 million
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance which provides cover for
    • Contract Works
    • Owned Plant
    • Hired-in Plant
    • Employees’ Tools
  • Essential Legal Expenses at £100,000
Lift Maintenance Insurance

What is lift engineers insurance?

Lift engineers play a vital role in the construction and maintenance of buildings, by designing, installing, and maintaining elevators for all manner of commercial and residential properties. This requires expert insight into technical systems, excellent precision and attention to detail, and good manual dexterity. Unfortunately, this role also comes with many risks, from the potential for injury due to falling from heights, or causing property damage, such as if a stairlift you installed comes away from a wall. Normally, you’d have to pay the compensation and legal fees yourself if a customer, member of the public, or employee makes a claim against you in such instances. But with lift engineers insurance, your insurer will cover these costs on your behalf. 

Why do you need lift engineers insurance?

Considering how dangerous your job can be, many insurers will refuse to insure those in your field, believing it to be too risky. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain sufficiently comprehensive coverage, leaving your business vulnerable if you find yourself involved in an accident. It is for this reason that you need a dedicated insurance package that keeps your company safe, no matter what. High risk liability insurance for lift engineers has cover which has been created specifically for those in your profession, and takes into account the unique risks that your business faces.

lift engineer insurance

How our lift engineers insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much is lift engineers insurance?

There is no set price for lift engineers insurance. The final cost of your policy will need to take into account certain factors, such as how long your company has been operating, whether you have employees, and the combination of covers you are applying for. 

Is lift engineers insurance a legal requirement?

While lift engineers cover isn’t mandatory overall, certain parts of it may be. For example, employer’s liability insurance is legally required if you have one or more member of staff. That said, it’s a good idea to have public liability insurance in place, due to the safety net it offers your company.

What should I do if someone makes a claim against me?

Should somebody file a claim against you, you will need to keep hold of any relevant correspondence, as this makes the whole process run a lot more smoothly. Get in touch immediately to let us know about the incident so that we can take action right away.

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