Chimney sweep insurance

Chimney Sweep Insurance

Chimney Sweeper’s insurance with public liability cover for complete peace of mind.

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No chimney sweep insurance should be without public liability cover. This is an especially important part of your personalised policy as this provides you with protection if your work activities cause damage to a client’s property or injury to another person. For instance, a customer could trip over your vacuum and hurt themselves, or you could accidentally drop soot on their very expensive sofa. In both of these situations, your client would have grounds to open a case against you, which could leave you with a costly bill if the incident was particularly extreme. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about these expenses once you have chimney sweep insurance, which includes public liability as standard. We cover all damages, so you can continue running your business as usual.

Standard public liability cover is up to £5 million, and the same applies to product liability cover as well. This protects your business if a product you’ve supplied, installed, or sold causes property damage or personal injuries.

To ensure you receive the best possible cover for the most affordable price, you’ll find everything you may possibly need in your policy, including: 


    • Public & Products Liability up to £5 million
    • Employers Liability at £10 million
    • Contractors All Risks Insurance which provides cover for 
      • Contract Works
      • Owned Plant
      • Hired-in Plant
      • Employees’ Tools
    • Essential Legal Expenses at £100,000
Chimney sweep insurance

What is chimney sweep insurance?

Chimney sweeps have been sought-after in the UK since the Industrial Revolution, and though many years have since passed, the job is still as valuable as it was back then. Thanks to significant advances in the field, there’s now a better understanding of the dangers chimney sweeps face, making the job much safer today. However, you know that your work is still far from being risk-free, and even the smallest mistakes can cause serious accidents. Normally, you would have to pay compensation and legal fees if somebody made a claim against you. However, there’s no need to do so when you’re protected by chimney sweep insurance, ensuring your business’s finances will always remain intact.

Why do you need chimney sweep insurance?

Working as a chimney sweep is one of the most hazardous professions you could have. Unexpected incidents, like a build up of ash or other blockages, could potentially cause a devastating fire in your client’s property. Due to the high level of risk inherent to the job, many insurance providers are reluctant to provide suitable coverage at all, making it virtually impossible for chimney sweeps to find coverage that provides the comprehensive protection they really need. Standard packages will not be enough in your case. Instead, you need a dedicated chimney sweep insurance package so your business is kept safe no matter what happens.

Chimney sweep insurance

How our chimney sweep insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much is chimney sweep insurance?

There is no fixed price for chimney sweep insurance. The scale of your jobs, size of your staff, and the combination of covers you require are three of the key factors that will influence the overall cost of your policy.

Is chimney sweep insurance a legal requirement?

You’re legally obligated to have a valid employer’s liability insurance policy if your business has any employees. Though no other specifics are required by law, covers like public liability are essential if you want to safeguard your business. What’s more, many clients will refuse to employ chimney sweeps without the correct insurance in place, so you can avoid limiting your customer base by ensuring you’re properly protected.

What should I do if someone makes a claim against me?

If someone makes a claim against you, do not ignore or dispose of any relevant correspondence. Contact us immediately so we can let your insurers know, and they can take appropriate action. Make sure you share as much information with us regarding the claim as possible.

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