Who needs Handyman Business Insurance?

Who needs Handyman Business Insurance?


Being able to turn your hand to anything is something of a rare skill. It’s also a quality which can be quite lucrative as handymen are always in demand. There seem to be millions of little jobs out there which require a handyman’s expertise, so there’ll always be work for the proverbial ‘jack of all trades’.

If your job falls into the handyman category, you will need to take out handyman business insurance to protect yourself against any mishaps which may unfortunately come your way.

You could be joiner, plumber, painter, decorator, plasterer, electrician or any combination of those trades. You’ll have a varied work life anyway, as each job can be hugely different from the next.

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Being a handyman also means you are in and out of different client’s house or places of business, often spinning around in a van with a wide range of tools, so having insurance in place is an absolute must.

Anyone who runs a business offering handyman services will need to have adequate cover in place, but how do you know exactly what type of handyman insurance you need? There are a number of vital forms of cover you need to be aware of.

Public liability insurance

Liability insurance can be a lifeline for any small or medium-sized handyman operation. It will protect you for any claims made against you if your work causes someone to be injury, suffer an illness or incur damage to their property. Given that you can often visit the homes of dozens of clients in a week, there is always the chance that something can go wrong. A person doesn’t even have to be a client to bring a claim against you – any member of the public who feels your work has caused injury or damage can seek compensation.

Personal accident & sickness

As a lot of handymen work as a ‘one-man band’, being out of work for an extended period can see your finances take a big hit. With personal accident insurance you will be covered if you cannot work due to injury or illness. This will help cushion the blow of lost earnings.

Other forms of insurance

You can add extra forms of cover to your handyman insurance policy, such as cover for tools, machinery and cash. If you use a car or van for work, you may need to take out suitable motor insurance to cover your vehicle for work purposes.

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