What is Dressmaker’s Insurance & what does it cover?

What is Dressmaker’s Insurance & what does it cover?


No matter how much time and effort you have put into training to be a professional dressmaker, how many years experience you have and how careful you are, accidents can still happen. One small oversight is all that it takes and that small oversight could lead to a large claim which would have potentially disastrous consequences for your business.

Without the right dressmaker’s insurance, such a claim could cause your business to struggle and might even result in it ending up bankrupt. What insurance does a dressmaker need?

Property insurance

As a dressmaker, you will have specialist equipment such as sewing machines. You will also have stock and the materials you need to make your dresses. You may have business premises, and you probably have office equipment on which you manage your business administration.

Property insurance protects you against your property being accidentally damaged or stolen. It means that, in this eventuality, your property could be repaired or replaced quickly, meaning less disruption to your business.

Liability insurance

Dressmakers will be meeting members of the public on a regular basis and when that happens, there is a risk that someone could be injured or their property could be damaged.

In that situation, a compensation claim could be made against you. Compensation claims can be expensive. A claim for a serious injury could easily cost over £250,000, particularly when legal fees are taken into account. Public liability insurance covers these claims. It also covers the associated legal costs.

Public liability insurance includes products liability insurance. This covers you if a compensation claim is made against you as a result of a defect in a product that you have sold or supplied.

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If you employ anyone, you’re legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. This is similar to public liability insurance, but rather than covering claims made by members of the public, it covers compensation claims made by your employees.

Personal accident & sickness insurance

As a self-employed dressmaker, you won’t get sick pay if you are unable to work because you have been injured or have become ill.

Personal accident and sickness insurance covers your lost income by paying a weekly benefit while you are unable to work. If you will never be able to work, this insurance pays a lump sum.

Motor insurance

If you are using a vehicle to travel to and from your clients, you’re legally required to have motor insurance. If you are using your private vehicle to do this, it’s important that your motor insurance is not restricted to social, domestic and pleasure use only and includes cover for business use.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal action can be taken against you for a number of reasons. You may find yourself in a dispute with a customer. An employee might take you to a tribunal. You may be facing a tax/VAT inspection.

All of these could result in substantial legal costs even if you manage to successfully defend yourself. Legal expenses insurance covers these costs and helps you deal with the legal action.

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