How much does Dressmaker’s Liability cost?

How much does Dressmaker’s Liability cost?


As a dressmaker, you’ll know that not all garments and the people you wear them come in the same shape or size. You quite literally have to cut your cloth accordingly. It’s the same when it comes to the cost of insurance for dressmakers. There’s no off-the-shelf  – you need a policy that is tailored for your needs.

However, there are important elements which all policies need stitched into them.

Public liability insurance

Great care and attention is a cornerstone of your dressmaking business, but having solid cover is another must-have. Public liability will cover for your for any injury, damage or loss suffered by one of your customers or a member of the public due to your work. This can be anything which has happened at your business premises or a client’s home.

Financial loss

While public liability can cover material damage to a person’s home or property and injury-related costs such as medical bills, a person can make a claim against you if injury or damage they have suffered causes them to be at a loss financially. This could mean a person who loses wages due to an extended absence from work or a person who has their own business which has been interrupted due to your actions. Financial loss will cover you for any such claims made against you.

Products liability insurance

This is designed to cover you for claims if the product you make is defective or causing injury or damage. Particularly pertinent for a creative industry like dressmaking, it not only covers you for items you make, but for any products you supply.

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Indemnity limits

Your insurer will have an upper limit to what they will pay out for each individual claim. Indemnity limits are usually set at £1 million, £2 million or £5 million. These limits will depend on the size of your operation and requirements and the price of your policy will depend on the level of indemnity you take out.

So, how much does dressmakers liability insurance cost?

Policy can start from around £50 a month. Of course, you can tailor a policy to your requirements by adding a few optional extras. If you have someone working for you, you’ll need to add employer’s liability to your policy.

You can also purchase additional cover to protect your equipment against theft or damage or other items you use in your business such as computers and office furniture and equipment.

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