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While being a door fitter carries a lot less risk than other tradesman jobs, there are still some hazards to be wary of. For example, someone could trip over your tool box and injure themselves, or you could accidentally damage a customer’s property while installing a door. In these incidences, you could be sued and forced to fork out huge compensation costs, which could have serious repercussions for your bottom line.

Why public liability insurance is critical

Luckily, public liability insurance will protect you in situations like the ones above, ensuring your insurer picks up the tab if you injure a customer or member of the public, or damage their property. You can buy this as part of Tradesman Saver’s automatic package, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses, products liability and more.

Why you need other covers too

The risk of harming others or their property isn’t the only thing you require insurance for, however: you and your employees need cover too. For instance, you could drop a door prior to fitting it and injure yourself, or strain a muscle carrying it into a customer’s house. Personal accident insurance pays out to protect your business if you can’t work because of injury, and covers employees too. You will also need employer’s liability if have any employees, as this means you are covered if a member of staff makes a claim against your business over any harm suffered on the job. Other useful covers include tool insurance to rapidly replace any stolen, damaged or lost tools and professional indemnity insurance to protect your business from any errors made during the course of work.

Here at Tradesman Saver, our expert team is here to advise you on the insurance you need as a door fitter. Get a free quote today for a tailor-made insurance package that’s perfect for you.

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Do door fitters need insurance?

Door fitters insurance keeps your company out of the red in the face of expensive compensation claims, as we and not you cover the costs. With policies like public liability insurance and legal expenses cover, you can go about your business with a much greater sense of ease.

How much door fitters insurance cover do I need?

The level of cover you need depends on aspects such as the size of your business, how much you deal with members of the public and the value of the properties you work in. For instance, if you regularly install extremely expensive doors, you’ll likely require a higher level of cover.

How much does door fitters insurance cost?

The cost of door fitters insurance is impacted by things such as the amount of cover you need, your claims history and how risky your work is. We will ask you to disclose all relevant information when you apply for a free Tradesman Saver quote so we can provide an accurate price estimation.

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Door Fitter

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how careful you are in your line of work; there are always unforeseen circumstances you just can’t account for. Fortunately, if you have the right cover in place, it can help to minimise some of the impact. Here’s some examples of how our Tradesman Saver insurance could help you in a pinch:


Example 1

You’re working on a job on a construction site, and you leave your tools on site briefly while you go to grab a coffee. When you return to the site, you discover someone has stolen your tools. Fortunately, with your tools & equipment insurance, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to make your next job – your insurer will pay for the costs of replacing your tools, to get you back up and working in a jiffy.

Example 2

You’re fitting a door in a customer’s property, but whilst you’re attaching it to the frame, you inadvertently damage your customer’s antique flooring. They choose to seek compensation from you. Don’t fret though – your public liability insurance has you covered. It’ll cover the costs of the compensation for you, so you can continue your good work as quickly as possible.

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