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All Risks Cover For All Seasons

Sometimes known as contract works insurance, contractor’s all risks insurance is an optional cover that can be added to a builders, or similar tradesman policy if you will be carrying out work on a contract site. This optional cover is designed to protect your business against a range of potential hazards that might occur with this type of work.

Contractors all risks cover can be added to your trade policy, and provides cover for any contract works, your own plant, tools and equipment, your employees’ tools, hired-in property and temporary buildings during construction.

The Trades Of Contractor’s All Risks Insurance: Who Can We Cover?

This cover can apply to a wide variety of trades, including (but not limited to):

The Limits Of Contractor’s All Risks Insurance: What Do You Get?

  • Contract Works
    Up to £500,000 cover for loss or damage to building works while you’re responsible for them. This insures your construction projects (both permanent and temporary), as well as any materials you’re using on the project
  • Plant, Machinery, Tools & Equipment
    Up to £75,000 cover for theft or damage to construction plant, tools and equipment for use in connection with the contract
  • Temporary Buildings
    Up to £20,000 cover for damage to temporary buildings (site huts, etc.) for use in connection with the contract. This cover includes fixtures and fittings
  • Hired-In Property
    Cover for damage to hired-in property including construction plant, tools and equipment up to a maximum limit of £50,000 for any one item. It also includes up to £50,000 for continuing hire charges that you’re liable to pay following any damage

Contractor’s All Risks Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Will my contractor’s all risks policy cover the existing structure if I am building an extension on a home?

Unfortunately, no. Your contract works portion of your contractor’s all risks policy will cover any ongoing work on site, but the homeowner will need to arrange insurance for their home separately in order to be covered.


Can I get cover for my materials whilst on site?

Yes, you can. Your stock and any materials you’re using will be covered anywhere in the UK under the plant, machinery, tools and equipment section of your policy.


I’ve hired in a digger for a week; is it covered by my policy?

Yes. Our contractor’s all risks insurance policy covers all hired-in plant up to a maximum of £50,000 for any one item.


Am I covered for tools stolen from an unattended vehicle?

Yes – our policy includes cover for tools stolen from an unattended vehicle. However, you will incur a higher excess charge for this, so it’s best to insure you try to keep your vehicle attended wherever possible or remove your tools from your van overnight.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 548 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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