Why does Roofing Contractor’s Insurance matter?

Why does Roofing Contractor’s Insurance matter?


If you are a roofing contractor and haven’t yet signed up for a roofing insurance policy, you absolutely need to consider doing this as soon as possible. It will have a huge impact on the way you do business, on the employees you hire and the money you take out of your business, regardless of whether you’re doing the roofing work on a residential or single-storey commercial property.

Roofing work is high risk

Roofs are dangerous to work on because they’re high and often inclined and there is a high level of risk for those who are working at such altitude.  In addition to the risk of you or your staff falling from height, anything dropped from such a high level can cause serious harm to anyone standing or walking below. This places your business in the high-risk category for insurers, who set high premiums for roofing contractors. This, however, should not discourage you from getting an adequate level of cover; it’s imperative to have the correct level of cover to ensure you’re protected in the event an accident does happen.  Otherwise, you could be held liable to pay the cost of any claim.

What will roofer’s insurance protect?

Every aspect covered by a roofer’s insurance policy is vital. Have a look below at the reasons why a good quality roofers insurance policy is important:

It protects the public

Public liability insurance is extremely important for roofers.  If you were to injure a member of the public or damage their property, your public liability insurance will mean that you will not need to pay our for the cost of damages yourself.  Your insurer will cover the cost of any compensation together with your legal costs.  The public can feel safe that they are using a roofer who has adequate insurance to cover the work they are doing.  Indeed, some customers will not allow a roofing contractor on site unless they have public liability insurance in place.

It protects your employees

Roofing is one of the most risky jobs in the construction industry. An employers liability insurance policy for a roofer will have every injury or work accident covered, should this occur. Your staff should be safe in the knowledge that should an accident occur as a result of your negligence as the employer, your insurance policy will provide them with protection.  Imagine if a member of your staff were to fall from a roof because the ladder they were using was faulty, they could sue you.  You would be liable but your employer’s liability insurance policy could defend your position, cover your legal bills and pay the necessary compensation to the member of staff.

It can protect your tools and equipment

You can extend your roofers insurance policy to cover your tools and equipment.  Tools insurance is important should your tools be lost, stolen or damaged as a result of your roofing work.

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It can protect your contract

As a roofer, you can choose to include contracts works insurance to provide protection should the contract you are working on be destroyed or damaged before it is completed. So if you were halfway through roofing a property and the roof were to be damaged by storm, your insurer could cover the cost of re-doing the work, rather than you being out of pocket.  Contract works insurance can also cover your own plant and hired in plant.

Your company’s reputation stays intact

Roofing contractors unwilling to get an insurance policy are always in danger of losing top quality workers. Also, those who cannot resume their business due to a loss of goods or materials are no longer seen as reliable by potential clients. Get insured and all these fears will vanish – and you’ll even be able to make a good impression to possible customers, too.  Failure to get the right insurance may mean that your company suffers financially in the event of a loss.

No lawsuits

When employees get injured at work and no insurance grants them protection, they can hold their employer, or even the homeowner, responsible. Avoid the trouble. Holding employer’s liability insurance as part of your cover will protect the firm against employees making a claim against them, and is obligatory in the UK. The law requires a £5 million minimum level of cover. Every Tradesman Saver employer’s liability insurance policy offers a minimum of £10 million, which will more than fulfil this requirement.

Costs & application

Roofer’s insurance policies have variable costs, depending on the type and the amount of work, the number of employees, as well as on any previous work incidents and claims. At Tradesman Saver, we provide a hassle-free quotation form online, which you can fill out with all your details and the cover you need. Our quote form will then generate you the best possible price for your level of cover, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you’re totally protected from an accident that may come your way.

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