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Drainage Contractors Insurance

Ensure your business stays afloat in any situation with our Drainage Contractors Insurance, automatically including:

  • Public Liability
  • Financial Loss
  • Products Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • Accidental Death
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When it comes to drainage, contractors need to be careful that they don’t cause damage to the system itself. In some cases, there may be allegations of damage to the system, which you may not be able to prove wasn’t you. Our insurance policy protects contractors against these claims, as well as any injuries sustained by clients or your employees, which may result in a legal claim being made against you.

Why do you need drainage contractors insurance?

Working on drains requires specialist tools and can be risky business, with the potential to accidentally damage the drainage system – or unsuspecting members of the public. Having the right insurance is crucial to protect your tools against damage or theft, while also covering you for any financial loss for accidental damage. This includes cover for excavation, confined space work, and any pure financial losses.

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What’s included with our Automatic Cover

At Tradesman Saver, our contractors insurance provides cover for public liability, which protects you if your work causes injury to a member of the public or a client, or if you accidentally damage their property. Our drainage contractors insurance offers protection for any financial loss or legal expenses directly related to the job.

All contractors would want to consider our optional insurance for extra coverage. Working as a drainage contractor requires specific tools, some of which can be very costly. Taking out a tools and equipment policy provides coverage against theft and accidental damage, while our contractors all risks insurance protects you and your business against a wide range of hazards and potential accidents in the workplace. If you employ a team of people as part of your business, you must legally have employer’s liability insurance, which protects you against any financial loss resulting from injuries sustained by your team. If you’re unsure what extra coverage you may need in your line of work, get in touch with our team for expert advice, and to have a tailored insurance policy made for you.

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Why Us?

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We like to keep things simple. Your quote, purchase and documents are all available online, anytime.

Instant Cover

No need to wait for your documents. Our tradesman cover starts from the moment you purchase.

Added Protection

Public liability, products liability, financial loss, legal expenses and accidental death cover as standard.

Monthly Instalments

Cashflow is important to every business. Spread the cost by paying in easy monthly instalments.

Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 1049 Reviews
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It Shouldn’t Happen To A Drainage Contractor

Here are some examples of claims:


Example 1

You’re working on a job and you’ve left the drain uncovered, but unfortunately a customer is walking by and they trips over the uncovered drain, sustaining considerable injuries. They seek compensation for their injuries from you. Your public liability insurance is your ally in this situation – it will cover the costs of the claim, so you can keep the job running on schedule.

Example 2

You’re working on a site and you leave your tools there while you go to pick up a sandwich from the shop. But when you return, you discover your tools have been stolen from the site. Your tools & equipment insurance has you covered here – it will pay the costs of replacing your tools, so your business doesn’t have to suffer because someone else has sticky fingers.

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