So Fresh, So Clean, So Covered – Why You Need House Cleaning Insurance

So Fresh, So Clean, So Covered – Why You Need House Cleaning Insurance


As the average person finds less and less time to be home and relax, more people report an increased amount of happiness by hiring house cleaners. Opening a house cleaning business is a great way to make good money by providing a service that people need. If you’re opening a business, you should get house cleaning insurance to keep your business from being obliterated by mistakes or common accidents.

Here are five insurance-related issues to consider when you’re opening a house cleaning business.

1. Think About Public Liability

While you’re not legally required to carry public liability insurance, not having it could leave you open to problems. Liability insurance means that if your housekeepers do damage to the place they’re cleaning, you’ll be covered. In most cases, you’ll be responsible for small incidentals but if your business caters to a high-end clientele, you need protection if solvent spills on a Victorian chair.

Legally, you could end up being sued by a customer who is unhappy with your services and has even the slightest reason to sue. If you scratch their car, make sure you have liability to keep from having to pay for the total cost of their vehicle.

If you accidentally damage property that isn’t something that you’re working on, you could be held responsible. For cleaners who don’t lock up when they leave, they might end up being held responsible for theft that happens as a result. If you don’t want to have to pay huge legal defence fees, then cover yourself in the event of damage or injury that your staff caused.

If you’re a small business, you could be badly crippled by even the smallest suit. Protect yourself with public liability insurance. With the right policy extensions, you’ll be protected no matter what.

2. Adding Coverage

On top of the insurance that you need to have in order to operate, you should consider adding coverage to help protect you from problems. If you don’t have additional coverage, any small problem will throw a barrier in front of your business’s growth.

If you lose your customers’ keys, they might want to have their locks replaced. If you don’t have insurance to cover that, you’re going to have to take a cut to your profits.

Financial losses need to be mitigated and your insurance coverage is the only thing to protect you in some cases. If your employees use your customers’ resources or steal anything from their homes, you need to be covered. While you might be able to fire those employees, you are still going to be liable to pay for any losses.

Additional coverage will ensure that you don’t get into financial trouble because of poor behavior by your employees.

3. Get Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have staff for your cleaning business, the law requires you to have certain kinds of insurance. If you don’t have your Employer’s Liability Insurance certificate on display, you may end up getting a ticket for that. Paying a fine isn’t worth it, so make it easy for your employees to see your certificate.

The Health & Safety Executive board will fine you if you don’t show your certificate. If you don’t have the insurance, to begin with, you’re going to pay a much larger fine. Don’t be caught without your Employer’s Liability insurance

Keep on top of expiration dates and make sure you pay it regularly.

Even if you have an intern or a temp as your only employee, you need to have this insurance. Whether you pay them or not is between you and that employee. Regardless, you need to have insurance to cover them. They are considered your employee and so, therefore, you need the appropriate insurance to cover them.

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4. Insure Your Equipment and Site

Without your tools, equipment, and your office secured, you won’t be able to get your work done. You need to ensure you have appropriate security to ensure that you don’t lose any equipment or tools. If your workers show up in the morning and they don’t have what they need to get their work done, you’re going to lose money and clients.

Adding coverage to deal with your most expensive tools and equipment will allow you to ensure that you don’t lose profit. When your tools get damaged, even accidentally, you could end up suffering massive losses.

Mopheads are replaceable for a few dollars but specialised tools cost much more. Steam cleaners and floor waxers can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The costs can add up fast and could set you back for weeks or even months.

If you run your business from an office or even from your home, you need to have business premises insurance.

5. Consider Costs

The costs of premiums can cut into your profits in a big way. The size of your business and how much you want to get covered for will change your premiums.

The costs of minimum coverage should start around a million pounds. If you don’t want to lose your property or your business in the event that someone gets injured. However, that could cost you a considerable amount to keep.

If you deal with a larger client, they might want to know that you have a higher amount of coverage. If you calculate that your risks could be higher, it’s never a bad idea to have more coverage.

House Cleaning Insurance Is Worthwhile

If you’re opening your own house cleaning business, you should be excited to grow, take risks, and build your brand. To make sure you can take the risks you need to, get the right house cleaning insurance so you can grow, hire, and change without worry.

For more information about public liability insurance, check out our latest guide.

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