Why do you need Cleaner’s Insurance?

Why do you need Cleaner’s Insurance?


You wouldn’t show up to clean a floor without a mop and bucket, would you? And a window cleaner isn’t much good without a ladder and chamois cloth. Whatever form of cleaning you do, it’s essential to be prepared for the job at hand.

Another important tool for any cleaner is cleaning insurance uk and no job should be tackled without it. As a cleaner, you’ll always want to do the best job you can but if something goes wrong, you can give yourself – and your clients – peace of mind knowing that any mishaps can be dealt with.

No matter what size of cleaning operation you have, it’s always wise to be prepared with a cleaner’s insurance policy.

Public liability insurance

For many, one key element of any cleaner’s insurance policy is self-employed public liability cover. This a particularly essential form of cover for self-employed cleaners, as it will protect you against the cost of damage to property you are cleaning as well as any injury or illness which is caused by your cleaning. The cost annual cover for self-employed cleaners is relatively cheap and invaluable when set against a hefty bill for repairs or medical and legal costs.

Larger cleaning companies and contractors should also consider taking out public liability as it covers against damage your employees cause during the course of carrying out a cleaning job.

Public liability doesn’t just cover you for injury or illness to clients or damage to their property. It can also protect against claims made against you by members of the public should they suffer similar loss or injury. So, if you are cleaning a floor in a busy shopping centre but forget to put up a ‘wet floor’ sign, all it will take is for some passerby to slip and injure themselves and you could be facing a costly claim.

You can tailor public liability cover to suit your own specific needs. Just like there are many different types of cleaning, there are also many types of cleaner’s insurance policy to suit your needs.

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You can take out additional cover for cleaning equipment. In the case of industrial cleaning operations, this is a good idea as it can help cover the cost of damaged or broken equipment. You can also take out cover for office equipment and money which is stored at your business premises.

Other additional forms of cover include:

Loss of keys

Clients will entrust you and your employees with keys so you can carry out cleaning jobs while they are not there. Losing keys might not just be solved by getting another set cut. A client may need to replace locks and change other security features. Loss of keys can help cover the cost of this.

Employer’s liability insurance

If you employ people to carry out cleaning jobs, you are required by law to have employer’s liability cover. This will protect you against claims made against you by employees who have injured themselves or fallen ill while carrying out work for you. It doesn’t matter what size your staff is – even employing one cleaner on a part-time basis means you must have employer’s liability insurance. You must also display your certificate of insurance at your work premises where employees can see it.

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