What is Cleaner’s Public Liability Insurance & why do you need it?

What is Cleaner’s Public Liability Insurance & why do you need it?


A good cleaner doesn’t just leave a home or office spotless; they also apply a veneer of trust to their relationship with their clients. In many cases, cleaners can access places most others can’t and hold keys for offices, houses, shops, schools and other business premises. 

Being a trustworthy cleaner can be just as important as how you do your job, and you can help to put a client’s mind by taking cleaner’s public liability insurance Although you will always seek to do a professional job, things can wrong and dealing with a costly claim for compensation can be potentially devastating for any cleaning business. It won’t just be your reputation that takes a  – a claim made against a cleaner, especially one which operates on a self-employed or freelance basis, can wipe out your profits and put your whole operation in jeopardy. 

No matter what type of cleaning you do, there are risks at every turn and being vigilante and careful may not be enough. For home cleaners, a customer could slip on a wet floor or take an adverse reaction to a chemical you have used while cleaning their home and seek compensation. 

Your cleaner’s public liability insurance policy will help meet the cost of any agreed compensation and legal costs which arise from a claim made by a client. 

And it’s not just your clients who can bring a claim against your for damage or loss – a member of the public could trip over your equipment while you’re unloading it from your van and injure themselves. If you are found to be responsible for their injury, you could be faced a claim. Fortunately, public liability insurance for cleaners also covers claims brought against you by members of the public, as well as customers. 

However it doesn’t just cover you for injury, it also can help out when things are damaged due to your cleaning work. 

Many of your clients will be house proud and so any damage to furniture, carpets, curtains or other valuable possessions won’t just put them in a bad mood, it will hit them financially. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged goods could run into the hundreds or thousands. That’s why you need to guard against any claims, even if the damage incurred was purely accidental. 

Find yourselves cleaning offices on a regular basis? Scores of desks with expensive modern computers can make some offices resemble the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Although you’ll do your best make sure they stay shiny and gleaming, accidents can happen and any damage to computers or other office equipment could spell trouble for you cleaning business. 

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Although it’s a good idea to have even the most basic form of self-employed public liability insurance in place, you can extend cover to suit a whole range of other potential risks too. These are as follows:

Loss of keys 

Clients put their trust in cleaners and, on many occasions, entrust them with keys to home, offices and other business premises. Loss of keys does exactly what is says on the tin – it covers you if you or someone working for you loses keys. It will cover the cost of replacement keys and changing the locks if needed. 

Employee theft 

This covers your cleaning business if one of your employee steals money or property from one of your clients.  

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