What is Cleaner’s Insurance?

What is Cleaner’s Insurance?


As a professional cleaner, you are regularly granted access to offices and homes and, as such, clients put a huge amount of trust in you. Whether you operate on a solo basis or own a contract cleaning business, you can put your clients’ minds at ease by having the correct cleaner’s insurance policy in place before you set foot in their house or workplace.

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Liability for Cleaners is there to protect you and your client against any unforseen mishaps. Taking pride in a job well done is the preserve of many professionals, but as cleaners, you take great satisfaction in leaving a gleaming and dirt-free environment. But you’ll also want to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and intrusion. Having the right cover in place is another way you can keep your clients happy, as they will know that you have made sure nothing is left to chance.

Public liability insurance

Clients want their home or office to be clean and spotless, but they also want cleaners to show care and attention. If the actions of a cleaner cause a client’s property or possessions to be damaged, they may seek compensation from the cleaner or cleaning firm responsible. It will also protect you if a client has been injured or fallen ill as a result of your work. The same also applies to members of the public who aren’t your clients but who have suffered damage, injury or loss due to your work. In essence, liability insurance coverage will cover you for any claims made against you or your business, and will help meet the cost of any agreed compensation and legal costs which could arise from a claim.

Employer’s liability insurance

Some cleaners may operate on a self-employed basis, but many work for cleaning companies or do contract work. If you employ cleaners on a full- or part-time basis, you’re required by law to have employer’s liability insurance. This will cover you for any claims brought against you by an employee if they are injured or become ill while on the job. You will need this cover if you use sub-contractors, although cleaners who work on a contract basis without supervision may need additional cover, and you’re entitled to ask for evidence of this cover before giving them the job.

Products liability

Products liability insurance will cover a cleaner for injury or damage which has been caused by cleaning products which are supplied to a client by a cleaner or cleaning company.

Additional cover

Not all cleaning operations are the same. Some consist of just one cleaner with a box of supplies and a mop and bucket, while others are huge firms with business and domestic contracts up and down the country. That’s why no two cleaning insurance policies are the same, so it’s important to tailor cover to suit your needs. You can do this by adding some optional extras to your policy.

Loss of keys

Cleaners are often entrusted with keys to homes and businesses, in order to gain access while the client is not there. Loss of keys cover the cost of replacing any keys which or lost or stolen, and also can cover the cost of changing any locks where required.

Employee theft

This covers a cleaning company for the loss of money, equipment or products where an employee has been responsible for such loss through theft.

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