What is Carpet Cleaner’s Insurance & why do you need it?

What is Carpet Cleaner’s Insurance & why do you need it?


No matter how professional you are and how careful you are when you are cleaning carpets, the unexpected can still happen. An employee or a member of the public might claim compensation from you if they have been injured as a result of something that you have done. Your property could be accidentally damaged or stolen. Injury or illness could mean that you were unable to work.

You can’t stop the unexpected from happening, but you can stop the unexpected costs from threatening your business when it happens by making sure you that have carpet cleaning insurance.

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What does carpet cleaner’s insurance cover?

Carpet cleaning insurance covers a number of things because there are a number of things that can go wrong that can lead to unexpected losses. The different types of carpet cleaning insurance are:

Liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance, public and products liability insurance both cover you in the event that a compensation claim is made against you by someone who claims that they have been injured or had their property damaged by something you’ve done, or by a product that you have sold or supplied.

Employer’s liability insurance covers you if the claim is made against you by an employee. It’s a legal requirement if you employ anyone, even if that person is only employed temporarily or is employed on a casual basis. Public and products liability insurance covers you if the claim is made against you by a member of the public.

Liability insurance is vital because compensation claims are often expensive to settle. If someone trips over a something you’ve left lying around and breaks their wrist, the claim could cost in the region of £25,000. A more serious injury could ten times that amount.

Carpet cleaning can also involve the use of hazardous chemicals. It is important that you make sure the risk assessments that the COSHH Regulations require you to complete have been done and are up-to-date to minimise the risk of injuries and illnesses being caused.

Property insurance

If your tools, equipment and cleaning products are accidentally damaged or stolen, you won’t be able to work and as such, you won’t be able to earn money until they are replaced.

Insuring your property against accidental damage or theft means that if the worst should happen, you’ll be able to carry on your business without having to worry.

Personal accident & sickness insurance

People think about insuring themselves against loss of or damage to their property, or against compensation claims being made against them by employees or members of the public. But often they forget to insure what it arguably the most important asset in their business: themselves.

Personal accident & sickness insurance protects you if you are unable to earn because you’re unable to work due illness or an injury. It pays a weekly benefit if you’re temporarily incapacitated, and a lump sum if your incapacitation will be permanent.

Motor insurance

Like employers’ liability insurance, motor insurance is required by law. You’re required to have motor insurance if you use a motor vehicle anywhere that the public has access to.

Legal expenses insurance

If legal action is taken against you it can be costly to defend yourself. Legal expenses insurance protects you against these legal fees. The types of legal action covered include:

    • Neighbour disputes such as disputes over boundary issues
    • Employment disputes such as unfair dismissal tribunals
    • Consumer disputes
    • Criminal defence costs
    • Tax and VAT investigations

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