Public Liability Insurance For Window Cleaning: Explained

Public Liability Insurance For Window Cleaning: Explained


Like many businesses, window cleaning has its ups and downs – perhaps more than most in fact! You’re up and down a ladder, all day every day, and then there’s the odd irritable canine to deal with. In fact, come to think about it, there are risks at every turn – but then if you stopped to think about them, you wouldn’t even dip your chamois into the bucket.

If you’re lucky enough to be a busy window cleaner, then you can leave the worrying to someone else. You wouldn’t leave the house without your ladder, bucket or wipers, and it’s also vital to be well equipped in the insurance department too.

That way, you can climb the ladder knowing that you are protected should anything go wrong. Public liability insurance is a must-have, particularly as window cleaners have constant access to customers’ property.

You may spend your day making sure windows a crystal clear, but even you can’t foresee what the future holds. Public liability insurance for window cleaners can protect your business against claims made against for injury or damage. Claims can be brought against you if you injure a customer or cause damage to their property in the course of your window cleaning.

In fact, a person doesn’t have to be one of your customers to make a claim. Any member of the public who has suffered injury, loss or damage as a result of your actions can take a claim against you.

Even with the best will in the world, accidents do happen so it’s essential to be equipped.

What can go wrong?

Anything from a ladder or bucket falling on someone and injuring them, to a window, drain pipe or guttering being accidentally damaged. It may raise a few chuckles on a pre-watershed sitcom, but such incidents can leave you open to a claim. Even the vehicle you use to get from job to job can cause injury or damage which may not be covered by your regular car insurance.

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How much public liability cover do I need for cleaning windows?

Depending on the size of your operation or level or risk, you can adjust the indemnity level on your public liability insurance. Most policies will have a minimum limit of £1 million, but you can increase up to £5 million. Of course, a higher limit means a higher premium so you’ll need to weigh up how much cover you need with what you can afford.

While public liability is a must-have for any tradesman, there are additional forms of cover which are worth considering if you want to protect your enterprise.

Financial loss

This can form part of your public liability insurance. It is designed to cover you against financial loss suffered by your client. This can be especially useful for commercial window cleaners. If your work causes damage to your client’s business and their operations take a hit as a result, they can make a claim against you for financial loss. Under the term of your liability cover, this loss can be compensated for by your insurer.

Products liability

This can be added onto to your public liability cover. It can protect you if the equipment or materials you use in your window cleaning business cause damage to property or a person. This is a particular requirement if you also supply cleaning products to other window cleaners.

Employer’s liability

If you are one-man, one-ladder operation, then employer’s liability isn’t something you need to worry too much about. But if you run a window cleaning business, then it’s a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance. This protects you if anyone working for you makes a claim against you if they’re injured or suffer damage or loss in the course of their job.

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