How much does Window Cleaner’s Insurance cost?

How much does Window Cleaner’s Insurance cost?


A freshly cleaned window is the best way to give your customers a clear view of the world. When it comes to working out the cost of window cleaner’s insurance, you’ll also want the clearest possible outlook. However, it’ll take more than a quick wipe with a chamois to get the best picture. The cost of window cleaner’s insurance will depend on a number of different factors.


If you have been up and down ladders for a good number of years without suffering any mishaps, then there’s a good chance you’ll pay less for your window cleaner’s insurance. Insurers favour customers who are experienced and therefore less likely to have an accident or damage someone’s property and make a claim. If you have had any industry-recognised training or are a member of a professional body, that can also help keep the cost of your insurance down.

Have you claimed in the past?

Although there is no guarantee that because you have made a claim in the past, you are going to make another one, insurers will take your insurance history when working out the cost of your cover. Having made a claim in the past can increase your premium, so it might be a good idea to handle any low-cost mishaps out of your own pocket to make sure you don’t end up paying more for your insurance in the long run.

Type & level of cover

Houses and windows come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s the same when it comes to window cleaner’s insurance. How much you pay for a policy will depend on what time of cover you take out.

The main form of cover you need to consider is public liability insurance. This will protect you if a customer or member of the public suffers injury or illness or incurs damage to their property as a result of your work as a window cleaner. Although it not a legal requirement, it is highly advisable to have public liability cover.

If you are a window cleaner who is self-employed, you may also want to consider personal accident and sickness cover. Given the hazards you encounter on a daily basis, there is a possibility that you may suffer an injury or illness which could leave you out of action and unable to work. Personal accident cover will help make up for the loss of earnings you incur.

If you run a window cleaning business and employ people, you are required by law to have employer’s liability insurance.

What levels of cover you take out will impact on the cost of your insurance. Indemnity levels usually ranger from £1 million to £5 million and the greater the level, the more your premiums will cost.

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