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Cavity Wall Insulation Installers Insurance

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Although working as a cavity wall insulation installer comes with very few risks, there are still certain dangers to be aware of. For example, you might leave your tool box in an awkward place, causing a customer to trip over it. Or you could accidentally damage somebody’s wall while installing the insulation. These kinds of mistakes can result in you being sued and a hefty compensation claim at your door.

Why public liability insurance is critical

Luckily, public liability insurance covers you in such situations, ensuring you’re not the one who pays out for these claims, with your insurance provider doing so.

You can purchase this as part of Tradesman Saver’s automatic package, which also includes covers like financial loss, legal expenses, and more.

Why you need other covers as well

It’s also important to buy cover for you and anyone you employ. Despite being one of the safer tradesman jobs, life as a cavity wall installer still comes with certain risks, such as falling from height, slips and trips, and electrical hazards. As a result, obtaining insurance like employer’s liability and personal accident cover is vital. Employer’s liability insurance will cover the costs of being sued by an employee who’s hurt on the job, while personal accident insurance will help your business cope financially if somebody is unable to work because of an injury. Meanwhile, other crucial covers include tool insurance, which allows you to quickly replace lost, stolen or damaged equipment, and professional indemnity insurance, which protects your company against claims for any mistakes made.

Here at Tradesman Saver, we are on hand to advise which coverage you may require as a cavity wall insulation installer. Start a quick quote with us today and receive a tailor-made insurance package that suits you down to a T.

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Do cavity wall insulation installers need insurance?

Cavity wall insulation insurance will keep your business afloat financially should you or an employee make a costly mistake. Without it, you might be faced with a huge compensation bill that could’ve been covered by an insurance provider.

How much cavity wall insulation insurance cover do I need?

How much cavity wall insulation insurance you need depends on things like how big your business is, the level of risk involved in the jobs you do, and how costly your contracts are. The more expensive the properties you work in, for instance, the more cover you’ll likely need to obtain.

How much does cavity wall insulation insurance cost?

The price of cavity wall insulation insurance is impacted by aspects like your company’s claims history, how much cover you require and how expensive your tools are. By divulging all the relevant information during the application process, we’ll be able to give you the optimal policy at the optimal price.

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers Insurance
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