What is Catering Insurance & why do you need it?

What is Catering Insurance & why do you need it?


At any event, there aren’t too many people more popular than the caterer. Hungry guests just love to see you coming and with your carefully crafted meals and tasty treats in tow, you’ll be only too delighted to satisfy their appetites.

No matter what line of catering you are in, the relationship between a caterer, a customer and their guests is crucial. Many caterers will use carefully selected ingredients to prepare their food and take care to present it in an eye-catching way. But another vital ingredient in your preparation should be catering insurance.

Protecting your business is crucial and although you’ll be vigilant when it comes to hygiene and the quality of your ingredients, operating a catering service with the proper insurance cover can be a recipe for disaster. Getting the right catering insurance policy is straightforward and we won’t make a meal of it.

Public liability insurance

A large part of any catering insurance policy will be public liability cover. Although you may not like to think of them, but there many things that can go wrong when you are catering an event. You’ll be interacting with members of the public and unfortunately this can sometimes leave you open to a claim. Public liability insurance will cover you if someone is injured or falls ill as a result of your actions. So, in the case of providing food and drink for guests, there are a number of scenarios which could result in someone taking a claim against you.

A guest could become ill due to some undercooked and poorly prepared food, or you or one of your staff could accidentally spill hot tea or coffee on them. Public liability insurance will cover you for any costs associated with their injury, including things like legal fees and time they might have to take off work.

Even if you have taken every precaution, accidents can happen so it’s always good to be prepared.

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Employer’s liability insurance

If you run a catering business and have staff working for you, you’re required by law to have employer’s liability insurance. This will cover you for claims brought against you by employees should they become ill or suffer injury while working for you. Even if you only employ staff on a part-time or freelance basis, you’ll need employer’s liability cover.

Additional cover

You can also add on extra features to your catering insurance policy to cover vehicles, cooking equipment, goods in transit and cash.

Who needs catering insurance?

If you’re preparing and serving food at a wedding or another large function, you can be considered a caterer. Of course, not everyone serves the same type of food and therefore not everyone will have the same needs when it comes to catering insurance, so it’s worth taking the time to browse the features of any policy to ensure everything you need specifically is covered.

How much does catering insurance cost?

When you compare it to the cost of having to fork out for a claim brought against you, cover is relatively cheap. Paying out compensation in the hundreds or thousands of pounds could spell serious trouble for your business. From as little as £53, you can take out a caterer’s insurance policy to protect your business.

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