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Carpenters & Joiners Insurance

Public liability insurance for a carpenter, with coverage starting at £53* including:

  • Public Liability
  • Financial Loss
  • Products Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • Accidental Death
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Working as a carpenter, you know that while your work can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be risky. Whether you work as a one man band or you have a carpentry business and employ staff of your own, you want to protect what you’ve built, with insurance you can trust.

Why do you need carpenters & joiners insurance?

At Tradesman Saver, our insurance is made for carpenters, from talking to carpenters. We’ve wrapped up all the important details in one comprehensive policy. Simply build your own perfect policy with our easy, online quote form for insurance cover that works as hard as you do.

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Why Us?

Online & Anywhere

We like to keep things simple. Your quote, purchase and documents are all available online, anytime.

Instant Cover

No need to wait for your documents. Our tradesman cover starts from the moment you purchase.

Added Protection

Public liability, products liability, financial loss, legal expenses and accidental death cover as standard.

Monthly Instalments

Cashflow is important to every business. Spread the cost by paying in easy monthly instalments.

There are many insurance options which would benefit your carpenters & joiners business, and public liability is one of the most significant. This protects you if your work ends up damaging a client’s property or injuring a client or member of the public. For example, you may need to pay compensation if a client trips over your tools and is injured or you accidentally damage a customer’s carpet with your muddy work boots.

Claims such as this can cost a small fortune but having public liability cover means you won’t be responsible for paying any of the resulting expenses. You can purchase this as part of our automatic package, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses, and more.

Other relevant insurance policies for a carpenters & joiners business include employer’s liability, which is a legal requirement for anybody who employs staff, and professional indemnity insurance. Here at Tradesman Saver we have all the coverage you may need as a carpenter or joiner and you can get your quote online in minutes.

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What’s included with our Automatic Cover

Carpenter’s & Joiner’s Public Liability Insurance

Whether you work as a carpenter or a joiner, you know that trying to find the right insurance to suit your needs can be an uphill battle. By the time you’ve finished trying to navigate the vast maze of insurance terms floating about, you often find yourself more confused than when you began looking. But that’s okay – there really is only one cover you absolutely need to know about, and that’s public liability insurance. What you need to understand about public liability insurance is that it acts as the foundation of your entire carpenter’s or joiner’s insurance policy. It covers injury to third parties and damage to their property, and can be applied to both clients and members of the public. Covering incidents such as a client tripping over a power tool cable or accidental damage to a member of the public’s vehicle, it’s the all-round cover for protecting your business.

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What insurance do carpenters & joiners need?

As a carpenter or joiner, you know that your business comes with its own set of risks. Any trade that works with power tools for a living can be particularly dangerous, but since you sometimes have to work in a client’s property, that can bring a whole new set of risks to the table – and that’s why making sure you’re properly insured is so vital to your business thriving.

The first thing you’ll need is public liability. The backbone of your insurance policy, public liability insurance provides protection from injury sustained by both your clients and members of the public, as well as any damage to their property, caused by your business activities. This keeps your business safeguarded from claims such as a client tripping over your tools or even damage to a member of the public’s vehicle whilst on a job.

Next up is tools and equipment cover. As someone who works with power tools on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth considering tools and equipment insurance as part of your policy. Since power tools are so expensive and difficult to replace, this insurance covers any tools and equipment you use for your business from theft or damage – which is all the more important in an age of rising tool theft.

Employer’s liability insurance is a must for anybody who employs staff. A legal requirement, it covers any injury to your employees while they are working on a job for you, and protects your business against claims made by your employees for their injury.

Finally, one of the most important covers worth giving consideration to is accident insurance. Personal accident and sickness insurance offers a weekly cash benefit if you’re rendered unable to work on a temporary basis, as well as a lump-sum payment if you’re unable to work on a permanent basis following an accident. This allows you to keep paying the bills, even if the worst should happen to you.

Don’t Let It Happen To You

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day. They’re often unavoidable, but someone usually ends up having to pay out large sums of money – which comes directly out of your own pocket if you don’t have the correct insurance in place. Here are just some examples of when insurance could come in handy in your line of work:

Skirting Board Catastrophe

You’re fitting a skirting board in a client’s property. As you’re attaching it to the wall, your nail gun pierces a water pipe and causes water to trickle out inside the wall. Unfortunately you do not notice the leak and it continues to escape for a couple of days until discovered by the client.  BY this time, there is extensive damage and they claim compensation from you. Your public liability insurance is your greatest ally here – it’ll pay the costs of the compensation for you, so you can continue focusing on what you do best and get the job done on time.

Tumbling Down

Your employee is installing a picture rail in a client’s property, when the ladder they’re on breaks and they fall off and injure themselves. They claim compensation from you for the injury they’ve incurred. Your employer’s liability insurance can protect you from footing the bill for this claim yourself – your insurer will pay out the costs of the claim for you, so you can continue to oversee the project and keep things on schedule.

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4.9 / 5 Based on 1051 Reviews
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