Why do you need Car Valeter’s Insurance?

Why do you need Car Valeter’s Insurance?


You could have been valeting cars for years but no matter how careful you are, the unexpected can still happen. Working with members of the public every day means there is a chance someone might claim compensation from you if you injure them or damage their property. Your tools and stock could be stolen or be accidentally damaged. Sickness or injury could mean you were unable to work.

Having car valeter’s insurance means that even if accidents do happen, they won’t turn into unexpected costs that you cannot afford.

What does car valeting insurance cover?

The main thing car valeting insurance covers is public liability insurance. This covers you if a member of the public claims compensation from you. It also covers your legal defence costs, even if the compensation claim made against you is unsuccessful.

Compensation claims can be expensive. If you injure a member of the public, the claim can cost tens, and possibly even hundreds, of thousands of pounds.  Even an unsuccessful claim made against you can cost thousands of pounds in legal fees.

You also need to insure your own property against losses due to accidental damage or theft. This property could include your business contents. It would also include your tools, equipment and cleaning materials.

Personal accident insurance is also a valuable extension if you are unable to work due to an injury because self-employed people don’t get paid if they cannot work. This insurance can be extended to cover absences due to sickness as well as absences due to injuries. The insurance pays a weekly benefit if you are unable to work temporarily, or a lump sum if you will never be able to return to your usual occupation as a result of your injury or sickness.

There are also two types of insurance that you may be legally required to have. These are employer’s liability insurance and motor insurance.

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Employer’s liability insurance

This insurance is required by law if you employ anyone. Your employees do not have to be permanent employees paid via a PAYE scheme. Even if you only employ people temporarily or employ them on a casual basis, you’re still required to have employer’s liability insurance.

Employer’s liability insurance covers you if an employee makes a compensation claim against you because something you have done, or have failed to do, has resulted in them being injured or falling ill at work. As with public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance also covers your legal defence costs.

Compensation claims from employees can be just as expensive to settle as compensation claims from members of the public, so if you employ anyone, employer’s liability insurance is vital.

Motor insurance

Motor insurance is required by law if you use a motor vehicle anywhere that the public can access. This doesn’t just mean the public highways but also includes public car parks and the like.

If you are moving your customers’ cars, you will also need car jockey insurance. This covers you while you are driving cars that you do not own, as well as covering you if the vehicles that are in your custody are damaged and you are responsible for that damage.

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