What is Ground Worker’s Insurance?

What is Ground Worker’s Insurance?


No matter how much training you’ve had, how many years of experience you have under your belt and how careful you are, accidents can still happen.

Accidents that result in liability claims can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and without insurance, a claim of that magnitude would make most businesses struggle and could even result in some businesses becoming bankrupt.

Similarly, ground workers often use expensive machinery and, if that machinery was lost or damaged, many businesses would struggle to find the money to replace or repair it.

In this article, we’ll explain what sort of Ground Workers Insurance is available and why you need it.

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Liability Insurance

Compensation claims can be expensive. The amount of compensation awarded for a serious injury could easily hit £250,000 and there would be legal fees and other expenses on top of that.

Liability insurance protects you against any compensation claims that are made against you because you have injured someone or damaged their property. Your liability insurer will also defend the claim on your behalf so you don’t have to get involved in, what can often be, complex legal arguments.

Employer’s liability insurance protects you if a compensation claim is made by your employees. This type of insurance is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, even if they’re only temporary or casual employees.

Public liability insurance protects you if a compensation claim is made by a member of the public. This type of insurance is not a legal requirement, but often the main contractor will not let you on site until you have provided evidence that you’re insured. You should make sure that your public liability insurance includes a financial loss extension because otherwise compensation claims for purely economic losses will not be covered.

Some insurers will apply a depth limit to their liability insurance policies. It’s important to check whether this is the case and, if so, to make sure that the depth limit doesn’t prevent you from undertaking your work.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract works insurance covers your property against accidental damage or loss due to theft while it is on job sites. This includes your tools and equipment, as well as any materials. It also includes temporary buildings and any tools or equipment that you have hired in, but are responsible for. The work in progress is also insured.

Because ground workers tend to work on open, exposed sites, there is an increased risk of damage being caused by extreme weather, such as lightning or storms. There is also an increased risk of theft and vandalism because it can be difficult to secure work sites.

Other types of insurance

There are a number of types of insurance that all businesses need, no matter which business sector they operate in.

If they have business equipment, like telephones and computers, they will need to insure their business contents against accidental damage or theft.

Any motor vehicles will need to be insured because this is a legal requirement. Using an uninsured vehicle can lead to a heavy fine, endorsement of your driving licence and possibly even confiscation of your vehicle.

Legal expenses insurance is important because it protects you from unexpected legal costs in the event of legal action such as neighbour/client disputes, employment tribunals, criminal charges and tax/VAT inspections.

Finally, personal accident & sickness insurance is important because it replaces your lost income if you are unable to work due to an injury or an illness, either by paying a weekly benefit until you can return to work, or by paying a lump sum if you will be permanently incapacitated.

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