Inspector Gadget: Our Must-Have Gadgets For Tradesmen in 2017

Inspector Gadget: Our Must-Have Gadgets For Tradesmen in 2017


Whether you’re fighting off the evil advances of Dr Claw like our favourite inventor/superhero, Inspector Gadget, or simply shopping for that special tradesman in your life, there’s no better time to stock up on the latest must-have gadgets than right now.

With Christmas just around the corner, some of the most innovative companies on the market are holding nothing back when it comes to releasing the latest products designed to change the way we work on site.

Here, we round up just a few of our favourite must-have gadgets for tradesmen in 2017.

Which one will buy this year?

Daqri Smart Helmet

Daqri Smart Helmet

Bringing the traditional hard hat bang up to the 21st century, Daqri have taken the concept of on-site safety to a whole new level with this augmented reality helmet.

Solid enough to pass any health and safety set, the Smart Helmet comes complete with a high-speed, wide-angle shutter camera, infrared light projector and thermal camera so that you can capture, process, and display information about the environment around you as you move around on site.

Imagine pulling up detailed instructions for a certain task at the blink of an eye, being able to monitor temperature data with the in-built thermal vision camera, or being able to deliver – and receive – expert assistance directly via the helmet. Pretty cool right? That’s not to mention the fact that wearing it makes you feel a bit like Robocop.

The only drawback? The Daqri Smart Helmet will set you back a few grand.

Looking for a gadget that’s more to your budget? This next one might be just the thing.

Tech ToolPen

Tech ToolPen

Is it a ballpoint? Is it a screwdriver? Is it a spirit level?

No! It’s all three in one nifty little device which, at only £6.99, serves as an ideal stocking filler, a low-cost-yet-super-effective addiction to your onsite arsenal, and a perfect gift for any sub-contractors or employees you’re working with.

Available from, the Tech ToolPen comes with both Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, 4 inch (10.16cm) ruler, and a spirit level built in, and yes, it does function as a pen – making it a top tool for keeping in your pocket for all those quick, little jobs you find on site.

StatGear BitzBlade 2.0

If you were excited about a pen that’s also a screwdriver, you might want to hold onto your seat for this one.

This stylish piece of kit, which is currently available for pre-order through the creator’s Kickstarter page, contains no less than 26 different functions, and promises to be “the last multi-tool you’ll ever need.”

Like a turbo-charged version of the original Bitzblade, the new model combines all the stuff people loved about version 1.0 (interchangeable blades, an LED light, screwdrivers and lots of attachments) with new features such as a glass breaker, M3 Hex wrench,  bevelled pry bar and more.

Oh, and there’s also the one thing no good multi-tool device should ever be – a bottle opener!

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Kespry Earthworks

Remember when every man and his dog wanted in on the drone craze?

Most folks saw them as simply a super-cool toy to send soaring in the air for the sheer fun of it, but Californian innovators Kespry were quick to see how the technology could transform the way we work on construction sites, and set out to make that happen.

The result was Earthworks – a complete toolkit that comes not only with a drone itself, but a powerful cloud platform that has everything you need to carry out complete site surveys and build detailed, 3D models, without so much as moving a foot.

With Earthworks, users can complete cut and fill reports, analyse surface changes, and, most importantly, get a complete overview of an entire project, with a wealth of information delivered in real time.

As you can imagine, Kespry Earthworks doesn’t come cheap, but just imagine what a difference it could make to large-scale projects.

Worx ZipSnip

Worx ZipSnip

Coming back down to Earth, we finish with this impressive motorised cutting tool which, does it’s job so well, that you’ll never need to carry a pocket knife, or even a pair of scissors, with you ever again.

Small and dynamic enough to make it simple to use, yet powerful enough to slice through everything from thick cardboard to carpet, leather and more, all with smooth, sharp precision.

We can’t decide whether the best part is that a single charge gives you enough juice for several weeks of serious use, or that the blade is self-sharpening, so you never have to worry about your ZipSnip becoming unfit for purpose. All we know, is that it’s one of our favourite gadgets to hit the market this year, and no tradesman should be without one.

Do you have your own favourite must-have gadget that we’ve not listed here? Do you own any of the cool tools we’ve featured? If so what are they like to use? Let us know in the comments below, or by talking to us on  Facebook and Twitter.

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