Going Viral: Our Top Hilarious Viral Videos Of Tradesmen on the Job

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We all remember watching ‘You’ve Been Framed’ when we were growing up and taking great delight in watching others’ misfortunes. Nowadays, practically everything we do is caught on camera, so whether you do something highly skilful or you suffer a personal disaster, the chances are quite high that there’ll be a video documenting your fail online shortly afterwards.

Tradesmen are notorious for providing great video entertainment, whether they’re playing a trick on the apprentice by sending them to buy some tartan paint or coming up with inventive ways of performing a task. These guys just know how to have a laugh, and their antics and hi-jinxs make for incredibly entertaining viewing that’ll have you glued to your phone screen and unable to look away.

Now it’s so easy to pick up your smartphone and record the action, we’re seeing loads of tradesmen topping the YouTube viewing charts. Here are some of the best ones out there right now:


OnTheTools often do some amazing content on their website, but their YouTube channel is chock full of funny videos as well – and their 2.4k follower base speaks volume to the quality of their videos. In this classic compilation, they teamed up with Scruffs and ECA Tool Fast to try and scare the living daylights out of the tradies that come into the store by having a guy dress up as a mannquin in a morph suit. It’s a great laugh and most of them are really nice about it – but the ones that aren’t are even funnier!


Various hard hat challenge videos were doing the rounds last year and this video brings the best ones together for your pleasure. It basically involves tradesmen (and some randomers) attempting to flip their hard hat up into the air to land comfortably on their head. Simple, right? Many techniques have been used to do it – some levering it into the air with the help of a shovel and some throwing it up with their hands. We still haven’t seen one that doesn’t result in a painful ending!


Throughout a hard day of grafting, many builders like to relax with a cigarette break or two throughout the day to get them through. This builder decides to play a nasty prank on his co-worker by sabotaging his cigarettes and filling them with the inside of a party popper. Don’t try this at home kids!


It’s a miracle when apprentices actually see through their contract to become fully qualified. Not because they’re not suited to the work – just that they’re the subject of merciless pranks from those who are supposed to be helping them to learn the tricks of the trade. And tricks is the operative word with this collection of pranks played on the naïve, unsuspecting apprentices who probably go into work each day with the sole aim of surviving, not realising they’re soon to become stars of a viral video! Warning – there is quite a lot of bad language throughout these clips. All part of the job, as they say!


What are your favourite viral videos of tradesmen on the job? Share your opinions with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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4.9 / 5 Based on 1015 Reviews
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