Tradesman Insights: Your Most-Hated Customer Peeves


Customers come in all shapes and sizes; some are really pleasant and make you want to do your best work, while others can be an absolute thorn in your side. A recent survey conducted by Wise Tradesmen found that 75% of tradesmen agreed that their most hated customer peeve is a customer watching them work, while a further 41% said that they didn’t appreciate a customer offering to help them with their work.


The survey also revealed that over half of the tradesmen surveyed (51%), said they didn’t like customers talking to them too much. It seems, from the figures, that tradesmen would much rather focus on getting the job done, instead of filling up time with small talk.

Further to that, the survey discovered that 63% of tradesmen didn’t like it if a customer didn’t offer them a drink (best to have their cup of tea ready!) and 47% didn’t like it if a customer haggled on price. We can kind of understand that feeling!

A rude customer came pretty high up the list at around 55%, proving the old adage that you catch more flies with honey, whereas 35% of tradesmen thought the worst thing a customer could do was pay by cheque.

What are your thoughts? What’s the worst thing a customer can do while you’re on a job? Share your comments and opinions with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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