Time is money: How Tradesmen can be more efficient at work

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You can’t afford to be unproductive in any role, but when you work for yourself, it’s especially important. You already have to source your own materials, do your own paperwork, work out your own take-home pay, and accommodate a range of unanticipated problems that can only be resolved by… you again.

Making the most of every minute you and your fellow tradesmen spend at work is therefore essential. This could not only mean that you effectively end up earning more per hour worked, as it can also help you to cut down on the stress of planning your day before you even set foot out of your home.

Log what you do

You’ll already be doing this in some form, of course, in preparation for tax returns and estimations, and especially if you employ other staff. But by taking this one step further, all tradesmen can learn to recognise areas for improvement and boost efficiency.

It appears that productivity is low across the UK workforce in general, due to a variety of financial and motivational stressors. Tradesmen, though, generally don’t have any problem with being motivated. However, when they keep a log of daily activities, including the time taken to complete individual tasks, they can identify where both time and money can be saved.

Don’t forget to rest

This rule doesn’t just apply when you’re at home. With customers often appearing to keep activity logs of their own, when it comes to the time a tradesman spends on a job, it can be easy to skip the breaks that would be mandatory in most other jobs.

In fact, many studies show that taking regular breaks helps concentration and boosts mood. Working wonders for efficiency during the rest of the working day, as part of your daily log, you might make a note of the length and times of the breaks that benefit you the most. When you find a routine that works for you, you should plan your work around that as closely as possible.

Invest in tech

We don’t mean this in the stock market sense, although you’re free to give it a go – but instead by making use of the available, ubiquitous technologies that could streamline many areas of your business. From giving you instant access to price comparison sites for materials, right through to mobile applications dedicated to accounting, invoicing and banking, with these technologies, you can quickly learn to run your business from the palm of your hand.

When you also enhance your online presence via a touch of creative social media marketing, you will find yourself adopting new ways of communicating with your existing and future customers. Also ensure you have quick access to all of your important documents, including industry certification, accreditation and essential public liability insurance, so that you are constantly carrying the credentials that every customer wants to see when they meet you.

And don’t forget that mobile technology is a two-way form of communication. By embracing the technology yourself, you won’t just be saving your own time – you’ll also reduce the time it takes for your customers to find you online.

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4.9 / 5 Based on 1015 Reviews
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