Is Selco The Supplier For You: Our Review As Part Of The Builder’s Supplies & Tools Review Series


In our next instalment of our Builder’s Supplies & Tools Review Series, we take a look at the pros and cons of Selco. There are lots of good suppliers out there, but sometimes it all comes down to what works best for you and how you work. Is online ordering a priority for you? Prefer being able to get someone on the phone when you need them? Whatever your preference, our series of reviews will give you the help you need to pick the right supplier for you.

So, Selco – what are you made of?

Selco Builders Warehouse ease of use

selco branches across england

Selco Builders Warehouse branches across England with the biggest cluster of stores in London, Midlands and the North.

There are loads of branches all over England in the North West, Midlands, London and South Wales areas, and on their online shop, all of the prices for products are available for you to view once you’ve registered for an account, so you won’t need to call them to find out the prices. Next day delivery is available for some items and there’s even a click and collect service.

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Selco store opening times

The support centre and times for most of their stores are open from:

  • 6am – 8.30pm Mon-Fri,
  • 6.30am-4.30pm on Saturday and,
  • 9.30am to 4.30pm on Sundays,

which offers more availability than many of their competitors. Ensure that your store is open if you decide to visit with a quick search. The website is also quite easy to navigate around, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding exactly what you’re looking for.


Additional features

As well as a good range of products, they also provide tools and equipment hire. Other services include brick matching, paint mixing and materials calculating.

In terms of technology, they provide a brand new app that helps you to manage your projects. You can check stock, place orders and even use it for measurement conversions! Due to how new the app is, it doesn’t look like there are many users yet, so no real reviews to judge it by.

Selco delivery information

Selco delivery options

Selco delivery options

Selco has some flexible and affordable delivery options, with next day delivery automatically free if your purchase is over £25. In most cases, this option would suffice, because online ordering is ideal when you’re making a significant order and you don’t mind waiting a day for your delivery. If however, you require an urgent delivery before your next working day then you will have to pay £10 for an order over £50 and £17 for an order under £17. In very rare cases would this option be advisable.

Selco costs

Selco compares quite well to its competitors when it comes to price. Tool hire is cheaper than others and offers free insurance, so you don’t need to worry about that. As an example, they currently have an offer to hire a 4/3 mixer for 7 days for £14 (excl. VAT). Once you register for an account you’ll be entitled to trade prices and get free delivery on orders over £25.

Selco Christmas Deals

Selco 12 deals of Christmas

Selco discounts and promo codes

With seasonal deals and regular discount offerings, there will always be products that you find at a significant saving. That said, there are the specific discount and promo code websites dedicated to listing exclusive and VIP deals in the form of discounts and promo codes. listing Selcobw discounts listing Selcobw discounts



Whilst a lot of these will simply list the discounts from the website if exclusive and time-limited coupon or discounts aren’t available, often it will list website discounts in a simple and easy to use interface. This is especially helpful if the discounts are hidden away from the home page of the website or aren’t easily noticed. The websites of particular note for Selco discounts are voucher slug and voucher guru.

Voucherslug listing Selco discounts

Voucherslug listing Selco discounts


Selco reviews

selco reviews of stores

Selcos reviews of stores

Selco do seem to have some particularly note-worthy stores boasting 4-star and above ratings on Google. Among them are the Croydon branch who, according to their reviews, carry a good range of products that are great value for money, as well as the Wolverhampton branch that carries an impressive 5-star rating, and the branch in Tyburn with a 4.5-star rating. Most of the branches within London seem to have a pretty decent star rating, so for tradesmen closer to the city, Selco is definitely worth taking a look at for when buying supplies.

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Company history

Selco have been established in some form dating back to 1895, so they certainly have experience on their side. Their support centre is based in Birmingham and they now have almost 60 branches.



It all comes down to what you want from your supplier. The tool hire feature is really good, the website is easy to use and the app has all sorts of brilliant little features. This is all great unless you prefer to go into branch and discuss your orders face to face, in which case you have to be close to one of their locations. If you’re happy to work with the technology instead, then Selco Builder’s Warehouse could be ideal for you.

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