Leads, leads, leads: how to attract your target audience

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Whether they come in dribs and drabs, the occasional deluge or a frequency somewhere in between, generating leads is essential to life as a tradesman. Not a single lead ever manifests without some level of endeavour on our part, whether it is influenced by word-of-mouth or a form of business advertising.

Subsequently, one of the most frustrating aspects of being a tradesman is knowing your target audience is out there – and that your services will be welcomed – while you are struggling to reach them. Here are some tips to help you to keep a steady flow of leads landing in your lap.

Keep a lead diary

This can be done simply and easily with either a physical book or the calendar within your mobile phone. Whenever you receive a phone call or another form of contact from a potential lead, you should make a note to contact them again, no matter how vague their interest in your service appeared to be. Even if no sale was made there and then, there’s the chance of a future encounter – and such an action on your part also demonstrates excellent customer care.

Don’t go rogue

Unfortunately, people will often look for a reason not to do business with you. They might put you in the same bracket as every bad experience they’ve had or shock news story they’ve read about tradesmen, until they feel they can trust you. So, it’s important not to fuel any potential customer’s ingrained pessimism by being overzealous with your sales techniques, and appreciate that people are as a much on the lookout for the un-trusted as they are the trusted tradesmen.

Communicate effectively

Making use of every available channel, you should keep your target customers abreast of where you’re working, what you’re doing and what you can do for them. Use social media to show your personality to your target audience, increasing the chance they’ll connect with you as a person, while they consider the work you do as a business. Get yourself noticed on the trusted trader websites that people will use to check your credentials, and proudly shout about your best work, guarantees and essential public liability insurance.

Ask your customers to provide testimonials

Don’t be shy about this. People will absolutely understand that your livelihood depends on other people knowing about the great work you do. In fact, sometimes people’s perception of tradesmen makes them increasingly likely to tell their family and friends about how good you are, as they’ll often worry you won’t have other work to do beyond theirs! There’s therefore absolutely no harm in asking them to review you on your own website or social media channel, or even on Google Reviews, which is often the first place where people will find your business.

Avoid breaking promises

This last one is crucial, and is relevant at all levels of your business. Whether you’re costing an estimate, selling yourself online or agreeing to work at a specific time, breaking any promise is one of the quickest ways to lose trust and damage your reputation. Potential leads are likely to be more persuaded by negatives than positives, so you should keep your promises whenever possible, which will enable you to preserve your reputation as a tradesperson of lead-generating reliability.

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4.9 / 5 Based on 1015 Reviews
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